20.02.2016 ↠ Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell, Loch Ard Gorge & Thunder Caves, Victoria, Australia

If there is one place in Victoria that every tourist flocks to, it has to be the Great Ocean Road with, of course, the iconic Twelve Apostles situated along it. What’s so great about some rocks along a coastline? Well, I guess the notion that nature can create such a scenic masterpiece with such ease would be the answer.  Not to mention the fact that just as easily as nature can create the Apostles, she can wipe them out too.

As one looks out at the Apostles from the looking point, they feast their eyes upon wonderful hues of blue below and above the pillars. This wonder of nature takes 12th place in Lonely Planets Ultimate Travelist and despite having to push your way through the multitude of selfie sticks and wannabe models as they eagerly get their partner to take attention-seeking photos of themselves, the view makes it all worth it.


Around the corner from the Twelve Apostles is where you’ll find Port Campbell, a small beach town nice enough for a lunch break and when the weather’s good a dip in the ocean.

Port Campbell National Park is home to the likes of Loch Ard Gorge, Thunder Caves and the infamous Shipwreck. All wonders of nature just like the Apostles.

Admire the view from the top of Loch Ard Gorge before wandering down the stairs to explore the beach and experience a different angle to the gorge.

Stand on the viewing deck, close your eyes and listen to the thunderous banging of waves on caves at Thunder Caves, then open your eyes and be grateful you’re not stuck in those waters. Turn 180°, read about the shipwreck before gazing out to sea and locating where the shipwreck occurred.





Check out the video of our weekend away below or on my Youtube channel here.

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