26.03.2016 ↠ Jirrahlinga, Barwon Heads

You can’t visit Australia and not see at least a kangaroo and koala. Although you can go to the likes of Melbourne Zoo or Werribee, Jirrahlinga tops them all.

With a low entry fee and no extra costs to get up close with the animals you can’t go wrong with this sanctuary. And that’s just what it is, a sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals.

Enter and you come face to face with various cockatoos and galahs who are anything but boring. Chit chat with them as they ask you ‘whatcha doing?’ or send you some loving with their repetitive notion of ‘kiss kiss’.

Move onto the cute balls of sleeping or eating fur, the wombats – cute enough to want to pick them up and take them home!

Continue around the tracks and you’ll encounter everything from reptiles to dingos.

Top your day off by meeting the rangers at the koala enclosure and listen to a brief talk about koalas and their lifestyles before being able to pat the soft creatures.

Let’s not forget about the roaming kangaroos who come up close and personal with you allowing you to pat them whilst they casually munch away of their luscious green grass.


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