05.04.2016 ↠ The Early Show, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

As a comedy newbie the thought of attending the annual Melbourne International Comedy Festival can be absolutely daunting with the 500+ shows on offer. Fear not though as The Early Show has come to the rescue!

This show allows attendees to experience a brief taster of what’s on offer by some of the best comedians without giving away their shows too much leaving you wanting more!

During last night’s performance we were treated to the following acts:

The Kagools – a duo from the United Kingdom performing mimed skits whilst also making use of audience participation and interactive multimedia. Even from their short 7 minute performance they had the audience in hysterics and no doubt their shows during the festival will be well attended. Click here to read more about their show and find out when and where they’re making us laugh at.

Lynn Ruth Miller – another act all the way from the UK, Lynn is dubbed the oldest comedian in the MICF and a sight into what your future holds for you. She really plays on the fact that she is what you’re future is going to be like, drawing on her experiences throughout life and turning them into laughable situations. You can catch Lynn at The Butterfly Club and more info on her show here.

Cockbagg – if middle aged men in little more than tights and boxer is your thing, then head on over to see the Cockbagg. Although not the most pleasing act on the eye, they’ll have you laughing in your seats as they perform an entertaining poem with interesting actions to go with it. Check them out here.

Jacques Barrett – although a little slow to start with, Jacques was one of the best acts from last nights show. Nothing but him and the mic, just how I picture a comedy show to be. Throwing the yankies under the bus alongside those bogans heading to Bali for Dazza’s bucks. Long story short, go check him out – here’s his dets.

George Zacharopoulos – a Greek who swears a lot and tells tales of his encounters with those he meets whilst travelling and their reactions to the notion that he is a Greek. Funny? Yes, to an extent. However, would I see his show again? Mmm.. Perhaps not. But if you think you’d be interested, book a date with him here.

El Jaguar – a middle aged Mexican dressed as a wrestler who interacts with the audience. His show however, is all over for this annual comedy festival, but feel free to check out what his show was all about here in case it interests you for his next appearance.

All in all, for someone who isn’t familiar with comedy acts or shows and is confused on what might interest them, checking out a showcase is a great way to get a foundation idea. The Comedy Festival has other showcase shows available so go check them out.


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