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Hello everyone!

If you’ve had the chance to read the ‘social media‘ page of this website you will be aware that Kaihora is a multi media platform brand.

Aside from the main platform of being a travel and lifestyle blog/website, Kaihora is trying to branch out further in an attempt to get our name out there and have an impact on more people. In order to do this and achieve our goal of reaching greater numbers, Kaihora is present on Instagram, Youtube and most recently Facebook.

The benefit of liking Kaihora on Facebook will enable you to get more out of the brand. By liking us on Facebook you will be able to interact with the brand on a greater scale than here – let me know your thoughts on regular updates with comments and/or like, and of course by sharing the posts.

Kaihora’s Facebook page prides itself on keeping likers up to date with timely and inspirational posts. Every second day a new post is published; whether that post is a link to an article on the website, a throwback photo of previous travels, or travel inspiration videos.

It’s highly worth giving us a like on Facebook, and sharing the page with your friends and family who are also adventure seekers.

So go on, check out Kaihora on Facebook and follow the adventures!


Featured image: South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, Africa.

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