The Importance Of ↠ Looking After Yourself

If you’ve had the chance to read my lifestyle article on the behind the scenes of running a travel blog, you would be aware of how hectic my schedule is at the moment with everything I do. If you haven’t here is a brief recap of the – what feels like endless – list of things I am currently involved in:

↠ Full time university student,

↠ Work 3 jobs,

↠ Planning a baby shower,

↠ Just recently completed my Pilates Matwork Instructor Course,

↠ Run Kaihora,

That doesn’t even include the time I take out to spend with friends, family, boyfriend, and to look after myself. The most important thing is to make sure that your number 1 concern is you and only you, and that overall your happiness and health is taken care of.


A few weeks ago I ended up working 12 consecutive days and had forgotten to take a day off to rest and recover, at the time I didn’t think this was a big deal. It wasn’t until a week later when exhaustion caught up with me and I ended up getting sick that I realised running myself dry was absolutely silly. This wasn’t the kind of one day sickness you can persevere through – although I tried to – it was the kind of sickness that resulted in me having to take a day off work and took just under a week to fully recover from.

It is all well and good working hard, whether it’s to make money for something you’re saving for or to fill in your week, but there are limitations. As important as work is, there is something much, much more important; you! For that reason it is incredibly important that you look after yourself. After falling ill last week I have come to realise this exact notion.

Although I got sick from working, I often find myself run down during travelling as well. If you travel a lot, especially if you find yourself with a very busy travelling schedule looking after yourself is just as relevant in those circumstances.

However, I say ‘look after yourself’ but what does that actually mean?

Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

In my opinion it means more than just taking 2 days off a week. It means really taking care of yourself, doing something for YOU once a week/fortnight/month.

Although everyone is different, we all have different interests, and enjoy different things, here’s some ideas on what you could put on your ‘Looking After Myself’ list:

↠ Treat yourself – whether it is by buying something you like or spoiling yourself to lunch, be selfish and get it for yourself!

↠ Pamper yourself – do your nails, whether it’s professionally done or just doing them yourself at home, or taking a relaxing bath every now and then to de-stress.

↠ Get a massage once a month – this one has been on my list for quite some time and I must admit it is difficult to do for me as I’m very picky when it comes to massages (if I’m paying $100+ I want it to be absolutely amazing!)

↠ Exercise! This is such an important notion of life. Exercising will help to increase endorphins therefore make you feel better, is a great way to release anger or frustration, and is overall beneficial to your health.


↠ Do something fun, whether that’s by yourself or with friends/family. Catch a movie, go on a picnic, whatever you want!


↠ Most importantly, listen to your body! Eat well, get enough rest, and if you feel yourself getting sick or exhausted combat it early.

The Beach, Albert Park, South Melbourne

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