Before 30 ↠ A Different Kind of Bucket List

Earlier this year during my travels to Karratha (WA), my travel buddy (a.k.a Lauren) was talking about her before 30 list and it got me thinking about creating my own.

What’s a before 30 list you ask? Well, it’s just like any other bucket list but with a slightly more specific timeframe: to tick off as many (all of them hopefully) before turning 30.

Obviously you can change the age factor to suit you, it doesn’t have to necessarily be only before 30; if you’re in your teens it might be a before 20 list, or if you’re on the other end of the scale around mid-50s why not make a before 60 list?

I have an extensive bucket list with heaps of places and specific things I want to see and achieve in my overall lifetime. But what are some that I’m more interested in achieving within the next 6 years? I sat there thinking what would I put on my before 30, and before I knew it I had a pretty substantial list growing.

Some of them I’ve managed to tick off already, some I’m in the process of and some are looking like they’ll be a few years in the making.

Time to reveal my BEFORE 30 LIST (as per my super organised self, I have sorted everything into categories):

  • Visit Mexico
  • Visit South East Asia (particularly Thailand, Vietnam and Phillipines)
  • Ningaloo Reef
  • Keep number of countries travelled to higher than my age
  • Visit all the states of Australia
  • Do a solo trip
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Sail the Greek Islands
  • Climb Everest Base Camp
  • Learn to surf
  • PADI Scuba Dive Course ✓
  • Skydive ✓
  • Hot air ballooning ✓
  • Camp under the stars ✓
  • Set an annual reading goal ✓
  • Take a cooking class
  • Do a pottery painting class
  • Get my motorbike license
  • Go on a retreat of some kind
  • Take a photo a day for a whole year
  • Do a photography course/class
  • One week social media detox ✓
  • Stop looking for other people’s approval
  • Complete the integrity challenge
  • Grow my candle business (have stockists) ✓
  • Blog regularly
  • Contribute to a tourism board
  • Write a published piece ✓
  • Make a DIY furniture piece
  • Try a new recipe at least once a week
  • Make all the recipes in the current cookbooks I have
  • Grow my own herb/veg garden
  • Have kids
  • Buy a house

I’m sure as the days go by, I will continue to add more to my before 30 list as I keep coming up with more goals but that’s all I’ve got for now.

What’s on your before something list?

6 thoughts on “Before 30 ↠ A Different Kind of Bucket List

    1. I learnt French in school, and always learn the basics of languages for countries I visit but it doesn’t interest me to learn them fluently. I’d rather put my time towards other things – but that’s just my personal opinion. 🙂

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