Brand Awareness & Collaborations

If you have a brand that resonates with my passions and interests, I’d be more than happy to discuss the possibility of potential collaborations; just shoot me an email at

Current brands I am an ambassador for:

Sand Cloud – 10% of Sand Cloud’s profits are donated to non-profits that support the brands mission.

Seeing as I consider the ocean/beach as one of my happy places, I couldn’t think of a better brand to work with.

The marine wildlife that are lucky enough to call the ocean their home are some of the most spectacular animals on our planet. Unfortunately though if we continue to disrespect our oceans as we have been in recent years many of these majestic animals may become extinct.

Many of the non-profit environmental organisations that Sand Cloud donate their profits to work towards protecting and preserving our world’s oceans, and beaches.



Use code ‘Cartier25‘ for 25% off of all purchases on their website, or for a system generated code for 25% use this link.

(Note I do not make commission from those who use this code; I just like to support like minded brands/companies).