Collaborations & Promo Codes

Everyone loves a good discount code to help save some $$, use the codes/links below for a discount on the relevant brands.

Current Collaborations & Discount Codes:

Sand Cloud – Use code ‘Cartier25‘ for 25% off of all purchases on their website, or for a system generated code for 25% off use this link.

10% of Sand Cloud’s profits are donated to non-profits that support the brands mission.

Many of the non-profit environmental organisations that Sand Cloud donate their profits to work towards protecting and preserving our world’s oceans, and beaches.


Airbnb – sign up for Airbnb with this link and get $55 AUD off your home booking as well as $21 AUD to use toward an experience worth $73 AUD or more.

Belong – sign up with Belong using this link and get a $20 AUD credit when your service is activated.

Grace & Marie – use code Kaihora for 10% off your order.

Hello Fresh – sign up for Hello Fresh using this link and get $100 off.

Luxury Escapes – receive $50 towards your next booking using this link.

Marley Spoon – claim a free box using this link.

Milkbar Breastpumps – use this link to receive 10% off your first purchase.

Skin Juice – use this link to receive 10% off your order.

SurfStitch – get $25 AUD off your first order until March 20, 2020 using this link.

Vagabond Life – use code CARTF54 or for a system generated code use this link.

If you have a brand that resonates with my passions and interests, I’d be more than happy to discuss the possibility of potential collaborations; just shoot me an email at