10.01.2016 ~ 12.01.2016 ↠ A weekend in Mombasa, Kenya

What do you do when you’ve been to all the shopping malls and tourist destinations in Nairobi? Book a spontaneous trip to the coast for a couple of nights is the answer!

As much as I love Nairobi there really isn’t a whole lot to do for tourists that are here for over a week. Most people plan out their holidays to Kenya much better than I did. After realising that it was going to be a little boring for Jordan to stay in Nairobi the whole time we booked flights and a hotel and off we went. What’s great about Kenya is that everything is relatively close which makes spontaneous trips very possible.


After a 5AM taxi ride to the airport and a 50minute flight we were finally in Mombasa.

Having an unusual name like mine makes for some funny stories sometimes and this was no exception. Upon arriving at Mombasa airport I held my fingers crossed hoping that the hotel had understood my request for airport transportation, which to my surprise they did. The only misunderstanding was the spelling of my name, on this occasion my name was no longer ‘Cartier’ but instead ‘Tartier’ – hadn’t heard that one yet.

Bamburi Beach Hotel was to be our home for the next few nights. Located in Nyali and only a short drive from the airport, it is perfect for when you’re limited on time and can’t afford to spend the hours it could take you getting to the South of Mombasa.

After such a hectic early morning, dedicate your first day to some good old R’n’R in the sun.



For some, they can lay in the sun and lounge by the pool for hours on end, but for others that can become a little boring. So, go do something! Whether it’s going for a walk along the beach and exploring what’s nearby or booking a snorkelling trip like we did, do something more exciting than doing nothing.

Luckily we were the only ones booked for that day so we had the boat and trip to ourselves, which was really nice. It was a pleasant 15minute boat ride to the marine park where we spent a decent hour admiring and swimming amongst some of the most beautiful and graceful fish.



Our final day sadly approached and we had to farewell the sun, sand and sea. It was definitely a good idea booking the short trip away even though it was only for a brief 2 nights.

Check out the video of our coastal trip below or on my Youtube channel here.

TIP: If you do ever find yourself in Nairobi and aren’t sure what to do after ticking off all the must do attractions, I would definitely recommend jumping online and book yourself a few nights away in the sun.

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