Travel Tip #1 ↠ a few necessities to carry on board with you

Knowing what to take with you on board and what to throw in your check in luggage can be a little confusing sometimes. Nothing is worse than heaving what feels like the world’s heaviest bag around the airport with you because you went a little overboard on what to bring. So to give you a little helping hand I’ve listed my top 7 things to carry on board with me below.

1. A decent passport holder. The particular one I have was purchased from Smiggle a few years ago and is absolutely fantastic. The multiple compartments and pockets makes carrying all your necessary documents such as passport, frequent flyer cards and vaccination certificates much easier, reducing the chance of losing or misplacing any documents.

Navy leather travel & doc wallet from Kikki.K

2. A good purse. Having a decent sized wallet makes it all that much easier to carry the mulla especially when having multiple foreign currencies.

Maisy wallet from Colette

3. Travel Pillow. Personally, I used to hate these and could never understand how anyone found them comfortable. Now that I’m slightly older and purchased one just for the sake of it, I can say it is a magical invention when travelling. It makes the sleeping aspect on the plane all that more enjoyable and as comfy as plane sleeping can get. Scored this patriotic travel pillow from one of the many stores within Melbourne Airport.


4. Mini body lotions & shower gel. I love having some handy body lotions present on the plane as my skin tends to dry up and these beauties not only help keep me moisturise but smelling fabulous too. I tend to carry a small shower gel too because when you have a long layover in an airport and score yourself a free hotel room, it’s always nice to have a known brand to shower with – especially if you have sensitive skin like mine and don’t want to risk using the hotel provided soaps. The Body Shop is my go to for these goodies as they are less than 100ml so there’s no issue carrying it in your carry on luggage.

Body Shop mini shower gels

5. Mini eau de toilettes. If you’re travelling rather far and have a tediously long plane ride it’s always handy to have some perfume within reach to make sure you’re always smelling as fresh as possible. Again The Body Shop is perfect for grabbing mini bottles as they come in less than 100ml, which means no problemo carrying it in your carry on!


6. Face Spritz. One of my all time favourites is from the Body Shop (no surprise there!). It’s a refreshing vitamin C face spritz and I highly recommend it. It’s great for travelling not only because of its size (100ml meaning it can be carried with you on board) but because of how energising and refreshing it actually is. With just a spritz here and a spritz there you’ll feel picked-up in no time!


7. Last but not least a good lip care. My standard lip care is a Nivea balm but I would also highly recommend Carmex they are fantastic at re-hydrating cracked lips and is well worth the price you pay for them.



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