15.04.2016 ↠ The Kagools, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Understandably it’s a hard job being a comedian; everyone’s humour is different and just because you find something funny doesn’t mean others will. Yet there are an odd few who enjoy making their job slightly harder than it already is. How do they do this you may ask? Well, performing a comedy show without even saying a single word during their performance is one way.

That is the kind of show you should expect from the interesting duo of The Kagools, who have come out to play during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Consisting of Nicola Wilkinson and Claire Ford, comedians and actresses from the United Kingdom, The Kagools bring humour in a silent form through mimed sketches, audience interaction and interactive multimedia.

The pair, dressed in their distinctive black anoraks, resemble Looney Tunes characters as they chase one another across the stage and through the interactive video during the opening minutes, before singling out an unlucky member of the audience, who will inevitably have their shoe stolen and not returned until the very last minute of the show.

The duos’ quick-witted use of interactive multimedia, particularly when it comes to including audience participation, is rather skilful. One poor chap in the audience will forcefully be dressed up in a teddy-bear costume, however, little do they know that their spontaneous involvement in the show has already been filmed and luckily enough they won’t have to do a thing besides run behind the projection screen for a few minutes as a pre-filmed projection plays.

Be warned though, refrain from sitting in the front row if you dislike chocolate, because one lucky front-rower will be involved in a love triangle as the duo compete to win your love by forcefully feeding you Mars Bars.

Despite the relatively small audience at Roxanne, The Kagools did well to keep us laughing for the entire show. Admittedly though, the show has potential to be even more entertaining had the audience numbers been greater due to the increased audience interaction possible.

Overall, the girls’ performance was one that can only be described as a Ka-cool show.


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