Upcoming Travels ↠ Adelaide, South Australia

My next upcoming trip is approaching quickly! This time I’ll be exploring the wonders that South Australia has to offer for a week in September. I’ve never been to South Australia before so it will be a trip filled with first time adventures there.

Although it would be much quicker to fly, as it’s only an hour and 20 minute flight, we’ve decided to make this a road trip adventure – which means a long 8 hours on the road, I’m just hoping the scenery will be worth it!

There’s a few reasons I love driving instead of flying;

↠ You’re in the comfort of your own space; you have as much space as you like and are not confined to the minuscule seat space planes give you – unless you’re in business or first class of course!

↠ Although the views from above can be unbelievable, provided it’s clear weather giving you that ultimate visibility, driving allows you to stop and capture any beauties you find along the way.

↠ You can pack as much as your heart is content to pack and not have to worry about paying ridiculous baggage fees!

↠ It makes for more of a memorable experience in my opinion.

I’ve got a rough list of things I really want to see and visit going, but I think for majority of the trip it’ll be spontaneous decisions made on the day. However, one of the things on my bucket list is to visit Kangaroo Island but there’s a few specific places on the Island that are must visits for me;

Admirals Arch

Remarkable Rocks

↠ Flinders Chase National Park

↠ Kangaroo Island Road

Seal Bay

↠ Cape du Couedic Lighthouse

For this section of the trip I’ve booked a package deal with Flight Centre that I found in the South Australia brochure (page 9) by Infinity Holidays (find the same deal here along with other Kangaroo Island experiences). The package includes return ferry transport, 1 night accomodation at Ozone Hotel on Kangaroo Island and breakfast for $288 per person (you have the option to upgrade to a sea view room for an extra $20, I however decided not to upgrade as I hope to not spend a lot of time in the room and rather exploring the island instead). If you ask me that’s a pretty great deal considering the return ferry for 2 people and a car is $376!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.22.50 pm.jpg

If you’ve been to Kangaroo Island before and think there’s some where spectacular that I must add to my list let me know in the comments below! ↓

Aside from visiting Kangaroo Island there’s a few things within Adelaide that I want to explore too;

Morialta Falls

Himeji Garden

↠ Adelaide Gaol

Adelaide Hills

↠ Koala holding at Gorge Wildlife Park

↠ Point Sturt

↠ Finniss Settlement (as ‘Finniss’ is my last name I’m pretty excited to explore this area as it dates back in my family).

At the moment those are the only things on my to visit list but I’m open to suggestions; so if there’s some where you believe I cannot go without visiting please let me know below! ↓

As for accomodation planning, I’m pretty lucky that Jordan has family based in Adelaide who we’ll be staying with,aside from our night on Kangaroo Island, which means no fussing around trying to figure out where to set up camp.

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