29.08.2016 ↠ Scorsese Exhibition, ACMI, Melbourne, Australia

If you know me personally or have read the ‘about me‘ section of Kaihora you will know that I am currently completing my Bachelor’s degree, and although I am doing a BA of Journalism I am studying Film and Screen Studies as my minor. So to cure those Monday morning blues, I spent the day developing my knowledge of one of the worlds greatest directors, Martin Scorsese, at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).


Since May 26 ACMI has been hosting a Scorsese exhibition allowing attendees to explore the history behind the man himself and all the behind the scenes info on his works from the very beginning to present day.

For $25 (or $18 if you have a concession card) you can delve into the exhibition and spend countless hours wandering through the maze like set up. I spent a total of 2 and a half hours at the exhibition, but depending on how in depth you read every thing or how quickly you float through you could spend more or less time than I did.

If you’re feeling a little confused on who this Scorsese person is, do not fear, you can still attend the exhibition as it’s not a requirement to know about him or his background to understand what’s on show. To be honest, I knew hardly anything about him or his movies, but still thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and commend ACMI on putting together such an informative and captivating show.

If you’re a Scorsese fan or just enjoy attending exhibitions to gain a bit of culture, I would highly recommend going to see the one at ACMI – although you might want to hurry as it’s only around until September 18.

PS: If you are interested in attending an exhibition but not keen on spending money, ACMI have permanent ones that are free and other temporary exhibitions that are also free – currently there is The Nightingale and the Rose.

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