Kitengela Hot Glass ↠ Nairobi, Kenya

If you’re looking for a super cool and unique spot to visit while you’re visiting Nairobi, I would highly recommend checking out the Kitengela Hot Glass Studio.


Getting to the studio is an experience in itself {for directions click here}. For the most part the road is like any typical Kenyan road, full of potholes and whatnot, however, for approximately the last 30mins of the drive, it is on unpaved and incredibly bumpy roads, therefore a 4WD is recommended – having said that, I have seen several saloon cars take the road too.


Kitengela Hot Glass make unique handmade pieces that are both 100% recycled & 100% Kenyan.


Their moto is simple; Everything Unique – Nothing Wasted.

Utilising recycled glass they are able to create:

Extravagant murals.
Sleek sea glass vases.
Majestic bejewelled chandeliers.
Lamps exploding with coloured light.
Window vistas that mosaic the world.
Goblets sitting solidly perfect in your hand.
Furniture of crushed ice with melting shapes within.

Although Kitengela has stores in various shopping centres around Nairobi, it is such an experience heading slightly out of town to their studio. Visitors are given the opportunity to watch in awe at how the staff blow the glass and how each unique piece is created; plus it makes for a great day trip if you’re looking to fill in some time during your stay.

One of the lovely things about their studio is that it is really only well known to locals, which means, unlike the giraffe centre and elephant orphanage for example, you won’t be elbowing other tourists to get around the studio.

By visiting the studio you’re getting to experience first hand the process behind how, for instance, glass jugs are made; it is remarkable how quickly the blowers are capable of pumping out piece after piece.


Check out Kitengela’s page here for glass blowing demonstration times.

As well as seeing how the pieces are made, there is a studio wholesale shop that I would recommend if you’d like to purchase anything then do so from here as they are 20% off compared to the stores in shopping malls.


Kitengela make a variety of items ranging from glasses, to vases, bowls and even paperweights. If it is possible to be made from glass, no doubt Kitengela make it!


To make the drive a worthwhile trip I would recommend a visit to Rolf’s Place, approximately 40 mins away {it is actually just across the gorge however, you have to drive right around as there is no bridge directly linking Kitengela to Rolf’s} for a coffee or a lunch break.


{Read about Rolf’s Place here}



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