Redwood Forest ↠ East Warburton, Victoria

Sunday’s can easily be one of two kind of days: a relaxing, stay at home sorta one, or you can make the most of the day and go on an adventure. Today was all about the latter.

Just under an hour and a half east of Melbourne is a little town known as East Warburton and is home to a remarkable forest, Redwood Forest.


Within the forest there are rows upon rows of Californian Redwood trees that stand tall above you.


As soon as you step into the forest, it will take your breathe away. It’s a great place for photo ops, to immerse yourself with nature, or to just let your imagination run wild thanks to its fairy tale like appearance.

Given the height of the Redwoods a great deal of sunlight is blocked creating an interesting atmosphere paired with the tranquility that nature presents.


Don’t let the number of cars in the carpark put you off either; as soon as we parked I thought the forest would be packed with other adventure seekers, but to my surprise there was close to no one around as we wandered through the trees.


The trees are not the only thing worth seeing in this magical location though. Woven art initiated by local Warburton artist David Digapony can be seen in various parts of the forest. Large circular pieces created from fallen branches of the redwoods make up the art work that mimics fairytale portals, if you’re lucky enough to see one standing between two trees, or dragon nests for those on the ground.


Aside from wandering among the tall trees or living out childhood fairytale dreams, there are various walking/hiking trails that one can embark on, some being along the Yarra River.


Getting to Redwood Forest:

It’s relatively easy to access the forest, just pop Cement Creek Rd, East Warburton VIC 3799 into the GPS and off you go.

Depending on which direction you are coming from, in our case we came from the Doncaster/Warrandyte area, you’ll have the opportunity to drive through various small country towns (you may even want to stop in at one of the local cafes for a coffee or refuelling snack) and the overall drive is a relatively picturesque one.

Just be aware that Cement Creek Rd itself is actually a dirt road, and therefore in the wetter months or on rainy days, like today, it can be muddy; keep that in mind when you’re tossing up whether to take the 4WD or little hatchback. 


Additional info:

Make a day of it and plan to have lunch either at the forest with a cute picnic or in the nearby town. If you opt for the latter, definitely pre-plan where you’re going to stop off for lunch otherwise you may just find yourself driving back home on an empty stomach because you’re too indecisive to pick a place on the spot like we did.


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