13.02.2016 ↠ Corio Bay, Geelong, Australia

Admit it, exchanging your Saturday morning sleep in for a 6am wake up call isn’t something you would do willingly.  Especially when the reason for getting up so early is to go fishing.

Fishing; a sport, a hobby, an act of catching your meals. It can truly be classified as so many things, and when you have a boyfriend who owns his own boat it can be something to do on the weekends.

I’m no newbie to fishing but I’m also no expert. With the amount of time spent with a fishing rod in hand as a kid, you’d think that if you put the rod and gear in front of me I’d know how to set it all up. Unfortunately that’s not the case. On the other hand I’ll cut up the bait myself, no help needed. So yeah, there’s some things I’m good at and some I’m not so knowledgeable about when it comes to fishing.

Possibly the most annoying thing when it comes to fishing is the length rules. If a fish is less than the minimum legal requirement, back he goes. This can be frustrating when you spend hours at sea only to throw fish after fish back in because the little bugger is just that, too little!

Corio Bay down in Geelong is a picturesque spot to enjoy this past time. With the endless views of ocean one way and the Geelong waterfront the other. Even if you’re not reeling in those fish left right and centre, the sheer notion of floating calmly out at sea surrounded by beauty makes up for it.

Things to remember when fishing

  • Remember it is much cooler out at sea than it is inland, always pack warmer clothes than it appears to be – better to be safer than sorry and freezing your bum off!
  • Even if you’re only going fishing for a day, you have to have a fishing license within Victoria, so it’s better off paying $6 for the 2 day license than having to pay a fine if you get caught.

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