19.02.2016 – 21.02.2016 ↠ Glamping at Pebble Point, Princetown, Australia

Glamping, put simply is merely fancy camping. Forget the hassle of putting up a tent, enduring a restless nights sleep due to your not so comfortable bed, which for some is either nothing more than hot air blown into some rubber material or the thinest, almost cardboard like mattress you’ve managed to score yourself. Oh, and let’s not forget about the traditional bathroom situation whilst camping – the lovely notion of squatting or even better, the communal bathrooms! All in all, many of us do not go camping for the pleasant living arrangements, rather we embark on adventures spent in tents for the atmosphere and company.

Some would argue that glamping is not real camping and what’s the point if you’re not experiencing the ruggedness that camping truly is. I agree, glamping definitely isn’t a true form of camping, in fact I used to think it was for the weak hearted and it defeated the purpose of going camping in the first place. However, growing up in Africa meant going on a lot of safaris and for the majority of our safari trips we stayed in camps that were, fundamentally, glamping camps.

Imagine a tent big enough for you to stand up and walk around in at the same time as someone else, with a bed anywhere between a double and a king, and finally, accessibility to electricity. Not to mention the privacy of your own ensuite that has a proper toilet and running water, yet all the while you’re still in the middle of the great outdoors. That is glamping for you and that is what I spent the weekend doing at Pebble Point.

Located in Princetown along the Great Ocean Road, admittedly there’s not a lot to see or do in the town. Nevertheless, a short drive gets you to the Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell as well as Port Campbell National Park with lots of scenic wonders to visit.

What does one do when they go glamping? Treat it like a well deserved weekend away, just instead of going to a 5* resort or on a spa weekend, you opt for serenity and nature. Kick back, relax and just absorb the tranquility that comes with scenic views and not being disturbed by the rest of the world for a few days.

Most importantly, despite the concept that you are fancy camping don’t think you won’t run into some creepy crawlies, because you will – we are in Australia after all!

Tip – Opening up the tent in the morning and during sunset allows for a scenic and spectacular view all from the comfort of lying in bed:

Watch video here or below:

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