Bizarre Bazaar Summer Craft Festival ↠ Karura Forest

Biz Baz Events’ Bizarre Bazaar Summer Craft Festival is currently taking place this weekend and although day 1 is already done and dusted, there is still a chance to check out the fair tomorrow.

The Biz Baz is hosted in the piteresque setting of Karura’s Forest and entry is a mere 300 Kenyan Shillings for adults, and 100 Kenyan Shillings for children. However, the usual entry fee to enter the forest is not required if you are attending the craft fair, just make sure you let the guards know that’s where you are heading.

Over 70 stalls are present selling almost everything from clothing to jewellery to homewares and furniture, to chocolate and other food products, art work and even plants. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s no doubt you’ll find at least one stall selling something you’ll want to take home with you.


Alongside these stalls there is live music positioned in the centre of the fair to keep you entertained at all times, and a bar and food stalls close by to keep your tummies full when they start to rumble.

All in all if you’re looking for something fun to do to fill in your Sunday why not check the event out, and pick up some funky goodies while you’re there!

Of course I had to buy this orange luggage tag I found at the Shuka Duka stall, and being the baker my sister is, she couldn’t go past the unique flavours at Say It With Chocolate’s stall.

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