Part 2 ↠ Self-Care: 100 Things To Do To Make Yourself Feel Good

Welcome to part 2 of opening up about mental health. In part 1 I talked about my own battles with mental health issues and ended with the promise of a post specifically talking about self-care.

Below is a list of 100 things I might do when I feel the need to make myself feel good; I hope that you can find some inspiration from it for the times when you need to feel better.


  1. Go shopping.
  2. Do something spontaneous.
  3. Get my hair done.
  4. Get dressed up for the sake of it.
  5. Have a bath.
  6. Have a long shower.
  7. Read a book, or two.
  8. Get a massage.
  9. Do an at home facial.
  10. Have a spa day (at home or for the extra treat at an actual day spa – I’m a big fan of Endota).
  11. Have a nap.
  12. Go for a walk.
  13. Get outside.
  14. Go to the movies.
  15. Go to the beach.
  16. Swim in the ocean.
  17. Ride my bike.
  18. Exercise.
  19. Get my nails done.
  20. Go on a road trip.
  21. Take myself on a date.
  22. Buy something off my wish list.
  23. Get a chai latte from a coffee shop.
  24. Buy myself some flowers.
  25. Look through old photo albums.
  26. Book something – an event/course/trip.
  27. Tick off something from my bucket list.
  28. Make a smoothie.
  29. Look through photos of my nephew and niece.
  30. Re-read old blog posts.
  31. Watch my YouTube videos to remember all the fun places and things I’ve done/been to.
  32. Make myself a cup of tea.
  33. Eat some chocolate.
  34. Update my bucket list.
  35. Travel.
  36. Go for a random drive somewhere.
  37. Put on some loud music and dance around the house.
  38. Watch my favourite movie.
  39. Go to an F45 class.
  40. Buy something for someone else.
  41. Read my favourite bloggers latest blog posts.
  42. Have a picnic.
  43. Go to a lookout.
  44. Go somewhere new in my hometown.
  45. Cuddle up on the sofa.
  46. Eat some fresh fruit.
  47. Spoil my niece and nephew.
  48. Get an ice-cream from my favourite ice-cream shop.


  1. Have a social media detox.
  2. Clean up my social media (unfollow/unfriend people that no longer bring joy or value to my life).
  3. Go to bed earlier than usual.
  4. Write down some goals.
  5. Book an appointment with my psychologist.
  6. Talk about what’s going on with someone – don’t bottle things up.
  7. Get out of the house.
  8. Laugh.
  9. Donate something – time to someone in need, or old clothes perhaps.


  1. Clean my room/office/house.
  2. De-clutter.
  3. Re-organise my wardrobe/drawers.
  4. Re-arrange a room in my house.
  5. Wash my sheets and put fresh ones on my bed.
  6. Clean out the fridge and pantry.
  7. Meal prep for the week.
  8. Write down to do lists for the day/week.


  1. Light some candles (these are my favourite).
  2. Diffuse some essential oils.
  3. Take some time to myself.
  4. Take deep breaths.
  5. Create a night time routine and follow it.
  6. Sit on my balcony and look at the stars.
  7. Watch the sunrise.
  8. Watch the sunset.
  9. Practice mindfulness.


  1. Call my mum/dad/sister.
  2. Go out for a meal with someone.
  3. Organise a girls night.
  4. Reach out to a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while.
  5. Spend quality time with a loved one.
  6. Do something nice for someone else.
  7. Hug someone I love.
  8. Have a conversation with someone – friend, family, or even a stranger.


  1. Listen to music (Ziggy Alberts is my favourite mellow musician to listen to, otherwise Hilltop Hoods are my go to when I need something a bit more upbeat).
  2. Bake something.
  3. Cook a fancy meal.
  4. Write a blog post.
  5. Make a scrapbook.
  6. Journal.
  7. Make candles.
  8. Buy a fun adult colouring book.
  9. Make a personalised self care kit.
  10. Write down some inspirational quotes.
  11. Update my wish list.
  12. Make a vision/goal board.
  13. Be creative; make something, anything.
  14. Write a letter/postcard to someone.
  15. Find a new recipe and make it.
  16. Learn something new.
  17. Listen to a podcast.
  18. Watch a TED Talk.


What are some things you do to make yourself feel good?



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