Ol Tukai Lodge ↠ Amboseli, Kenya

The abundance of wildlife in Africa is one of, if not, the main reasons so many tourists flock to the continent, and more so Kenya in particular given the numerous safari parks the country boasts.

On my most recent travels to Kenya I took a few days off to immerse myself in the country’s wildlife in Amboseli.

Although I had been on countless safaris from my time living in Kenya and been to Amboseli previously, I had never stayed at the Ol Tukai Lodge before.


The lodge was amazing. It’s situated in the perfect spot, pretty much in the middle of the park with views of Mount Kilimanjaro and endless views of elephants roaming the plains right from the comfort of our little porch.


We were lucky enough to get a room in the ‘mountain view’ section, which meant waking up to the sight of Mount Kili without even leaving the bed.

The room itself was not overly fancy but perfect for our 3 day get away; the bed was definitely the best part of the room given its enormous size and how comfy it was!


The entire lodge is closed off by an electric fence just in case any of the wildlife decides to be extra friendly.


The cheeky monkeys and baboons aren’t put off by the fence though so you’ll often find them exploring outside your front door, all the more reason to make sure you keep your windows and doors shut to avoid having your room ransacked by the cheeky buggers.


Here’s a funny story for you and an example of how cheeky monkeys can be: when I was on safari one year with my family, we decided to go for a walk but my sister stayed behind in the room. She woke up to a monkey sitting on the bed opposite her rummaging through my wallet because the window had been left open.


Our stay at Ol Tukai was an all inclusive one, which meant breakfast, lunch and dinner were included in the price but drinks and any additional activities came at an extra cost.

The lodge facilities include a pool, which we didn’t get around to using, a beauty parlour, which again we didn’t utilise, gift shop, and restaurant and bar. They even have an upstairs bar, a perfect setting for pre-dinner drinks with a remarkable view.



Overall our stay at Ol Tukai was top notch, and I find it hard to pinpoint any negatives about the lodge.

As long as you keep an eye on the monkeys – we were almost attacked by one as we left our room to head out on an afternoon game drive – you should be fine and a stay at Ol Tukai won’t disappoint.


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5 thoughts on “Ol Tukai Lodge ↠ Amboseli, Kenya

    1. Thanks Rachele, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’ve definitely been pretty lucky to have had such amazing experiences during my travels, and I hope that by sharing them others feel encouraged to get out there or at least momentarily imagine the experience vicariously. 🙂


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